Debt Advisory Services

  • Project finance advisory

    We recognize that transformative technologies require special considerations to obtain project financing. With our expert knowledge and singular focus, we are able to creatively tailor capital formation strategies for each specific transaction. We work alongside our clients to develop structuring options that are marketable and optimize the cost and flexibility of capital.

    Project Finance Advisory

    1. We have deep and strong relationships with global project finance lenders, pension funds, infrastructure funds, sovereign wealth funds and other sources of project debt and equity.
    2. We provide debt restructuring services. We craft strategies to engage creditors in a proactive, direct and timely manner with workable and creative solutions to maximize the future value of assets.

    REGNUM’s Project Finance team provides insurance and risk management advice on project finance transactions, primarily to lenders, sponsors, third party equity investors, bond underwriters and other interested parties, in all parts of the world.

  • NCD, Debentures, Bonds

    Direct Equity investment refers to the buying and holding of shares on a stock market by investors in anticipation of dividends and capital gains with changes in the value of the stock.
    Equities have the potential to increase in value over time. Research studies have proved that the equity returns have outperformed the returns of most other forms of investments in the long term.
    Equities are considered the most rewarding, when compared to other investment options if held over a long duration.
    Equities are high risk investments. Though higher the risk, higher the potential returns, high risk also indicates that the investor stands to lose some or all his investment amount if prices move unfavorably. One needs to study equity markets and stocks in which investments are being made carefully, before investing.